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Melanie Garside Fans [entries|friends|calendar]
Melanie Garside Fans

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icons [14 Jul 2010|04:13am]

wow, it's been really dead here... i thought you would all be interested in icons i made of maple bee, from pictures taken by hannah daisy (_stay_beautiful). hope you like! :)

the rest are here.

if you like what you see, feel free to watch :)

prints for sale! [04 Jan 2010|10:43pm]

I took some photos of ms Bee...which are now for sale! see advert below. Also visit my flickr for larger version and other photos of Maple!

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27th nov [25 Nov 2009|09:43pm]

Anyone coming to the show on friday @ Cross Kings?
I will be there!
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hello [24 Nov 2009|07:12pm]

does anyone know where i may find some icons of her?

HOME [11 Oct 2008|01:39pm]

[ mood | excited ]

the new album has been shipped by Bee herself and it arrived on my doormat this morning!!

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maple bee website [23 Aug 2008|12:50pm]

its new....well I only just noticed it!


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STRANGELOVE [17 Jun 2008|06:09pm]

New Huski album is coming! Read here.

It sucks the special album package is £30; that's so expensive! =\

Home! [29 May 2008|02:40pm]

Who else here is eagerly anticipating the release of Home?
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melanie garside - she knows [27 Dec 2007|11:06pm]

a rarity!


Vertigo Angels videos [09 Dec 2007|02:31pm]



A kind person uploaded these to youtube yesterday!!
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chasing eva review [18 Nov 2006|12:49pm]

I quite liked this review:

From: http://www.ireallylovemusic.co.uk/rock/maple_bee.htm

maple bee - chasing eva

sometimes you realise its a small world. a few years ago there was a sudden surge of girls with guitars. some declared themselves to be a bitch, whereas others were all torn up. some were even nuts. amongst this phase there was one girl who like ginger hair dye and butterflies. she released an album on julian copes echo label. the album came in a orange case and to this day is still easy to find in the archive. so imagine my surprise when i get an email from 'maple bee' advising of her new double cd and finding out that this is indeed the new guise for melanie garside. not only that but following her stint as solo artist she worked alongside the mediaeval baebes, and even played bass alongside her sister in queenadreena. damn. does she ever chill?

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hmmm [17 Nov 2006|08:44pm]

I only just noticed that the 'She Knows' Live EP, 1996, has a live version of 'The Messenger' that features as track 7 cd1 on Chasing Eva. Except its just called 'Messenger'.

How I didn't notice this before, I don't know!
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Huski photos! [15 Nov 2006|06:01pm]

[ mood | cold ]

there are some photos of Huski and Maple Bee over at interiorgirl !



new picture [07 Nov 2006|06:15pm]

found this picture on the baebes myspace, by James Sutton I believe!

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VOTE HUSKI!! [06 Oct 2006|11:32am]


Vote the beautiful Huski 10/10 so they can make it onto Popworld on the TV!!!!!!


This is Mels big chance, even if you don't like Huski much, vote to support Mel!!

Thank  you,

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new images + song! [28 Sep 2006|09:18pm]

Today I noticed that Maple Bee has new images and a new song on her myspace page

I can't get the song to work, but I think it's good!

Cartoon of the band back in 1992 [19 Sep 2006|01:16am]

Thought some people might be amused by this - it's the back of the On Reality 12" (well, as much of the back of a record sleeve as you can get in a scanner anyway) which featured a little cartoon of the band. This is from around the same time as that YouTube video. Enjoy :)

Read more...Collapse )
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Long awaited.. [16 Sep 2006|06:53pm]

I bought my huski cd back at the beginning of August on the Huski site, using paypal, and I still haven't got it. Has anyone else been waiting long for their cd?

Tabitha Zu [14 Sep 2006|08:50pm]

Mel doing guest vocals for bloody lovely, 1992!

I just found a video of them on youtube! Wow scared me a bit!!

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[01 Sep 2006|09:54pm]


anyone here going to see Huski tomorrow?


PS Huski community here:  interiorgirl

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